How does ShopTiming work?

ShopTiming is a simple tool for both shop owners and customers to operate safely and responsibly in the current, but also in the post social-distancing economy.

The package that we created for shop owners consists of two separate features, however combining both features is also possible.

1. Reservation system - Add the maximum capacity of your shop and divide the week into timeslots. As a result, customers are able to book an appointment. Prior to reserving, the customer fills in the mandatory health declaration and states which products he is looking for. Consequentially, shop owners can prepare a personalized selection of products that would fit the customer’s need. Both shop owner and customer immediately receive a reservation confirmation by email or text message.

2. Virtual queuing – Instead of waiting in a physical line to enter a store, customers can scan a QR code and join an online waitlist away from crowds. Both shop owner and customers are able to see how many people are waiting and how the queue is evolving. Whenever a spot is available, the shop owner presses a button and the first customer in line immediately receives a text message or email. A customer can also join the queue remotely by visiting

ShopTiming utilizes an optimization algorithm. This diminishes queue formation. As a result, the shops will not have too many customers at the same time allowing for a safe shopping environment. ShopTiming’s functionalities can be tailored to everyone’s personal need. Shop owners can choose to divide their day into reservations through ShopTiming and walk-in customers.

ShopTiming is a centralized platform, with many hundreds of unique users visiting the website daily. This provides owners with the opportunity to attract a wide range of customers. The online exposure of the restaurant can also be increased by connecting your Instagram account to your restaurant page. is free of charge


What is ShopTiming?

ShopTiming is a centralized platform for both shop owners and customers to function properly in the current ‘social-distancing economy’. ShopTiming makes use of timeslots. The shop owner creates his own timeslots based on customer’s average shopping time and the maximum number of customers allowed in the store. Please note that the maximum number of customers should always be in line with the government guidelines. By doing this, we take care of a safe shopping environment. Consequently, the customer is able to shop calmly and safely, and the shop owner is able to generate revenue.

What type of stores are listed on ShopTiming?

The only stores that are currently listed are from the non-food sector. We are always looking for new partnerships from different sectors. Are you interested in joining our platform? Register your shop or send us an email on

How does the reservation system work?

Once the customer has made a reservation, he and the store owner will get a confirmation code. The customer will have to show this code to the store. With this method we create an efficient and savesystem for the store.

Shop owner

How do I register an account on ShopTiming?

It only takes five simple steps to register your shop on

  • Step 1: Click on ‘Register’ on the top right corner. Click on ‘I am a store owner’ and fill in your own name, name of the shop, category and the shop’s address.
  • Step 2: Describe your shop in a few sentences
  • Step 3: Add timeslots
  • Step 4: Upload the most beautiful picture of your shop
  • Step 5: You are ready to welcome your customers!

Is it possible to adjust or delete a timeslot?

It is only possible to delete a timeslot when no reservation is made for that specific time.

How much time in advance can I book a timeslot?

Customers can book a timeslot at any given time.

How much does it cost to register my shop on ShopTiming?

ShopTiming was found with only one objective: Supporting shop owners by giving them the opportunity to open their doors safely. Due to this, ShopTiming is free of charge.

Is it possible for customers to enter my shop if they did not book a timeslot?

Absolutely, the shop owner should always be able to welcome walk-in customers. Nevertheless, keep government guidelines in mind. In order to ensure a safe shopping environment, it is recommended that shop owners should lower the maximum number of customers per timeslot to remain flexible for walk-in customers.


Do I need an account to book a timeslot?

Customers do not need an account to book a timeslot. It is possible to book with a ‘guest’ account. However, creating an account saves time upon your next reservation, as all your information will be saved.

How can I book a timeslot?

Booking a timeslot is amazingly easy. Search for a specific store or a type of store that fits your needs. When you click on the store, you will find the calendar below the store’s description. The available timeslots are visible on the calendar. Choose the timeslot that suits you the most and click on ‘Confirm’. You will then receive a confirmation email and you are ready to shop safely. Enjoy shopping with ShopTiming!

How do I register an account on ShopTiming?

An account can be created within two minutes. Click on ‘Register’ in the top right corner. Click on ‘I am a customer’ and fill in the required fields. Within a few minutes you will receive a confirmation email. In case you did not receive it, don’t forget to check your spam box.

How much time in advance can I book a timeslot?

Customers can book a timeslot at any given time.

How much time in advance can I book a timeslot?

To cancel a reservation, got to the confirmation mail we have send you and click on manage your booking. There you will be able to cancel your reservation

How does ShopTiming guarantee a safe shopping environment?

ShopTiming’s IT team created an Optimization Algorithm. This diminishes queue formation and makes sure that the shop will never be too busy. However, it remains the shop owner’s responsibility to make sure that the maximum number of customers allowed in the store is not exceeded.