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We live in hard times. The corona crisis has affected everyone. Shopkeepers especially. Customers stayed at home and many stores closed their doors. We, four young bachelor and master students (ranging from counter-terrorism and business to mathematics and physics) asked ourselves the following question: How can we get shop owners to open their doors in an appropriate and safe manner and have customers shop safely? After long brainstorm sessions we found a solution to save the retail sector. The solution? ShopTiming.

In these trying times we have to be there for one another. That's what we believe at ShopTiming. We offer a free service to both shopkeeper and customer, as we understand that these times are difficult for everyone. Let's keep going!

— Moos de Winter, Founder & CEO
Our team
Uri Cohen

CTO & Founder

Raphael Rubens

COO & Founder

Noam Blitz

Lead developer & Founder

Rens Breur

head of mobile development

Donny Peeters

backend architect