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Bodes & Bode

Denneweg 50A , Den Haag, Nederland


In 1950 Bodes & Bode starts its company at the Denneweg 50A in The Hague, The Netherlands. The fifth generation of family owned Bodes & Bode is originated out of watchmakers, goldsmiths, diamond and colored-stone dealers who have been active since 1860. Two brothers-in-law Bodes & Bode started their first shop at the Denneweg 50A in The Hague. In 1966 a second "boutique" was opened at Noordeinde in The Hague. Soon after in 1968 Bodes & Bode opened a third shop in the Rotterdam Hilton Hotel followed by a fourth shop in Nwe. Spiegelstraat, Amsterdam in 1969. The company became well-known for their knowledge on fine jewellery from the Art-Nouveau and Art-Deco period. Jewellery pieces from Lalique sold by Bodes & Bode can be found in collections in the Rijksmuseum and the Museum Kunstlerkolonie in Darmstadt, Germany. Fine precious colored-stones and old mine diamonds were sold on a regular base. Besides fine period jewellery, paintings by artists like Kees van Dongen, Mondriaan and Isaac Israels found their destination in private collections. Tribal art from Africa and New Guinea were also sold to private- and museum collections.

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